So how much sleep do you need?

What price a good night’s sleep? According to a new study, we value it so highly that we would rather have 40 winks than a 50 per cent pay rise. Researchers from Oxford Economics and the National Centre For Social Research asked a national panel of 8,250 people what made them happiest. They found healthy sleep habits to be the highest indicator of wellbeing, with income one of the lowest overall. So would you sacrifice your salary for a peaceful night’s rest? We asked a panel of movers and shakers,…

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MUST READ: This Story Will Send YOU to sleep?

There’s nothing worse than spending the whole night tossing and turning in an attempt to nod off. And if sniffing lavender and counting sheep isn’t working for you, a new method that combines scent and sound to beat insomnia has launched and promises to have you drifting off within 24 minutes., the popular meditation app, has launched a bedtime story narrated by Stephen Fry that they say will have you sleeping soundly in minutes. The company challenge anyone to stay awake for all 24 minutes of its ‘sleep inducing masterpiece’…

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