Honesty makes you happier, San Diego studies show

Lying is bad for your health – whether it’s well-meaning or not, studies show.   People are more likely to tell white lies, or ‘prosocial lies’, to those they care about to avoid hurting their feelings, researchers have found.  But no matter what the reason, results showed lying is almost always damaging to someone’s physical and mental health. The study by researchers at the University of San Diego Emotion Lab builds on previous research from 2012, which showed honesty also makes us happy. Researchers found that people are more likely…

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How To Stop Loving Someone: 14 Powerful Ways to Conquer the Impossible

Love, of course, is an amazing feeling to experience. But when things go bad, knowing how to unlove someone isn’t as simple as eating a bucket of ice cream. Everyone wants to experience the feeling of falling in love. It’s one of the most beautiful feelings to experience. You’re vulnerable. You emotionally give yourself to someone. It’s when you’re at your happiest. But, with everything, there’s a downside. You can’t ride the high forever, and even if you’re in love, there’s a chance they’re not. I’m not trying to scare…

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Relationship: Mistakes You Should Never Make On A First Date

What are the things a guy should never do on a first date? There are plenty, but there are 8 big no-no’s that definitely have to be avoided if you want to score points on a date. Things you Should Never Do #4 ANSWERING PHONE CALLS Now no one’s telling you not to pick up calls or that you have to leave your cell phone at home, but you should know how to use it well. Make sure your calls are short, even if you have to answer them. Don’t…

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